my best friend

Juozas Bubnys is my best friend. He lives in Kaunas aleksotas area. Juozas is very good with computers, He works at a computer company where he fixes computers. He has created some very good programs. These programs can help you when you want to fix your computer. He writes about these programs in computer magazines. A few times he fixed my computer with these programs.
Juozas is twenty years old. He is a tall man, has a small head with short haair and his face is oval shape. Juozas has small blue eyes with small eyebrows and tiny eyelashes. His ears look too big for him because he has small nose and long neck.
After work when he has time he likes to play basketball and computer games. Sometimes we play basketball with our friends in a basketball arena. He is very good player. If somebody is hurt when we play basketball he always helps. When he isn’t playing basketball and iss not working with computers, he likes watching television and doing nothing.
Juozas is a very good friend because he will never double-cross you. He always helps everybody and he is very friendly.

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