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I like to spend my holidays when I_m traveling. I have visited many countries, but the most adventurous trip I had in Turkey. It was a spring season the weather; the weather was fine about 25-30 degrees of Celsius. Days were passing quietly: usually in the morning we were having trips to nearby cities, various museums, afternoon lying on the sandy beach, resting, swimming in a warm sea. On e day the routine get bored and our family decided to take a challenge: to do what we have never done before to take a rafting trip. We had a fabulous trip. Up early we loaded up and went water rafting on the Berger River. Our fearless leader had done the river about 200 times before, but the rest of us were green. Firstly we were all listening to the 20 minutes safety instructions. It seemed safe and made for all tourists. Were all were given helmets, life jackets and paddles. The weather was faantastic; sun was shining there were no clouds, although the water of river was cold. We were passing overfall by overfall. As it was very hot we were let to jump into the cold water. Everything was ok until the we

eather began to get worse and worse. The sky got loured with clouds. The sun was not shining anymore and unfortunately not so hot as it was. We were wearing just t-shirts, short and wet life jackets. The temperature fall down to 18 degrees of Celsius and it even started to rain. Our instructor was fascinated, he said it was unbelievable and if you said it t

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