More technologies means less comunication

We live in the age of information. Latest technologies develop every day and even every minute and becomes important mean of communication. It is very important to us. Now we can find the needed person in a very short time using e – mail, mobile technologies, Internet and others. Maybe the most important of them is Interner. I think it is the quikest way to find enyone you need in the whole world. You can send e – mail, speak with the person in the chat – rooms. And if person who you are talking with has computer camera, you even can see him.New technologies help not only personasl communication. Now many and almost every country use more fast and reliable means of communication than simple mail. An e – mail messae reaches its recipient in 4 – 10 seconds.I think that all these technologies only more improves communication process. For example teleconferences. We can talk to different people as if we all were sitting in one room.I do not think that new technologies such as Internet or mass media can destroy the concept of real communication. I think it only helps us to communicate better.