We go shopping practically every day when we need to buy some foodstuffs or some household articles. Very often we don’t know what to buy and advertisements help us to decide. People are influenced by publicity everywhere – in newspapers, on the train or on the bus, on television, in the shops. While we are shopping we are attracted by colorful packets, by signs of reductions and free gifts. I think advertisements are very useful for sellers and for buyers. They give the public information. If we want to buy something important, we go to a large department store. These stores are very useful places, people enjoy shopping there because all kinds of things are on sale there and they can buy everything they need. All the things for sale are displayed and can be easily seen. “Maxima” is the biggest department store in our town. You can get almost everything there. The store has two floors. In the ground floor you can buy food and other stuff and everything is in one place. First floor is divided into sections: the women clothes, the men clothes, the shoes, the toys, the sports goods, radios and so on. These departments can be called ‘self-service departments’ because customers walk round and choose what they want there. If you need a gift or a souvenir you can go to the souvenir section. There are 3 restaurants where you can have tea or a cup of coffee and you can also eat there. In the perfume section there is a wide assortment of perfume. So in”Maxima” you can find lots of tiny and large things that you may want for you or for your house.