These days it’s becoming more and more important to know foreign language.It is so, because our society and whole world improves. If we want to cach them, we have to improve with them. Languages serve as a useful means of communication. How could we understand and talk to people from other countries, if we couldn’t speak their language? I think that all young people should learn foreign language. The point is that pupils should realize that they might need that language in the future or it might be a credit for them to get a better job. Nowadays employer searches for worker, who knows foreign languages.To my mind knowing languages is important in every situation of your life.For example internet. It helps you to find information or anything else what you need. But almost all information in there is in english. Other example – cabel television. We can watch a lot of foreign language programs, but it’s necessary if we can’t understand a word.In conclusion I’d like to say, that languages is a key to open the door to the world.