In the early ears, primitive societies had no money instead that the system of barter was used. Barter was a system of direct exchange of goods. Somebody could exchange a chicken, for example, for anything in the market place that they considered to be equal value. However, the use of money began in the sixth century B.C. In what is now western Turkey, when lumps of gold were found in rivers, were melted and turned into pieces of uniform size and imprinted with a stamp. Today almost every society has a money economy based on coins and paper notes money is used for buying or selling goods for measuring value and for storing wealth. To begin with, today people value many different things. What people value too much today is money. Now day’s money has great power. Some people even say that money makes the world turn round and unfortunately, I have to agree with such opinion. However, this popular thesis indeed made millions of people’s minds go round thinking about power of money. In addition to this, people who have a lot of money can consider them self’s to be very powerful as you can buy anything, even people in some countries. Everybody wants to be powerful, to be surrounded by luxury and wealth so they become obsessed with the thought: how and where to get more money. For such people wealth becomes their only destination in life. What is more this thesis fits for all the material things that can be touched but it does not fit for spiritual things: friendship, love and feelings. Well, in my opinion you cannot buy happiness because you cannot buy real friends or real family and these are the things in our lives that mater the most. Furthermore, I think that if a person is not happy with his present condition and the amount of money that he has he will never be happy even if he will become richer.

Personally I see money only as a necessary thing to able to survive in this world. People need money to purchase material items, food to survive, and even entertainment. Although money is not the key to happiness in my life but a have to admit that I will give my best to get a well paid job as once I will have to supply my family and I don’t want them to feel a lack of something.One of the most important issues in Lithuania is the integration in European Union and the exception of new currency in Lithuania – Euro. The adoption of the euro will completely eliminate exchange rate risk, and the Lithuanian financial market will become part of the common financial market of the euro area. This will remove the need for foreign exchange transactions in settlements with the main trading partners in Europe, cut borrowing and transfer costs, encourage investment and trade. Furthermore, these and many other factors should contribute to faster economic growth in Lithuania, creation of jobs and the rise of the standard of living to EU level.In conclusion, I would like to say that money can buy us expensive clothes, jewellery, cars etc. but it cannot buy us happiness and we should always treasure the most valuable things in our lives our family and friends.