mobile phones

In recent years mobile phones have become one of the most common accessories. For example in our country number of people having mobile telephone is bigger than people who have ordinary phones. However mobile phones still cause a lot of discussion in modern society.

There are lots of arguments in favor of mobile phones. To begin with, you can always be reached wherever you are. More over the main one at home is not occupied all the time. Finally it can heelp you in an emergency, because you can always call a police or ambulance.

But there are some disadvantages. Some scientists think that mobile phones can be dangerously for health. And it is very irritating to hear mobile phones ring, when you are in theatre or in the cinema. So it is also embarrassing to have to listen to other people’s conversations.

To sum up we can see, that mobile phone is very useful. Consequently it is a good way to byye a mobile phone and even to use it. And it is very conveniently and modern.

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