Mano pačios įsimintiniausios atostogos


It was in the summer of 2003. Our family got up in the morning. The sun was brightly shining through the window. My husband looked at me with a smile and said: “Pack the things, we are going to Palanga.” As I was seven month pregnant with my second daughter I hesitated a little bit about going, I thought that such a long trip will exhaust me. But my daughter ran up to me and with almost crying eyes started to beg us to go. In three hours we are already in Palanga. We rented a flat, brought all the things inside and went to the beach. The beach was crowded. I lied on the warm sand and started to warm my round belly. The little one was running around and making various sand forms. It was a pleasure to watch her that happy. We went to the seaside, I was wading in seeming quite cold water and my daughter was swimming as if it was warm. The sea was quiet. In the evening we came back from the beach, and then we all had a shower and went downtown. Our stomachs were growling with hunger. We went into the café to have a dinner. When we got full we went for a walk into Basanavicius alley, also visited the amusement park. My daughter was extremely happy. She was swinging on the marry-go-round, driving a toy jeep, took part in almost all the lotteries in the park. Then the parents decided to have some pleasure themselves. That is why we went to the restaurant where there was a children place, so the daughter wouldn’t be bored and with a glass of wine and a cake talked about the previous day. After that we left home to sleep.

Next day we woke up and saw that the rain was getting to start. So we decided to go to the marine museum. My daughter has never yet seen the dolphins and other exotic fish. First of all we went to the dolphin show. My daughter was deprived of speech; she has never seen anything more wonderful. After that we all together watched the aquariums. As the rain didn’t start we came back to Palanga rented a family bicycle went to the trip. I was so sorry for my husband, because he had to pedal for three. We visited the statue of Jurate and Kastytis, the palace of Tiskevicius fed the swans in the park. After the ride we went to Linas swimming pool. It was a bit sad that I couldn’t skate the in the tube, but still w had a great time together. After the swimming pool it was quite late and we already had to pack and go home. Of course we wanted to stay longer, but my husband had to go to work the next day. On our way back we all have been thinking about the two wonderful days that we spent together. As I was writing this work I pleasantly remember everything over again. My second daughter now is two and a half years old, but she hasn’t seen the sea yet. That’s why we will go to Palanga this summer again. I think Kamile will be happier this year, because she will bee able to play with her little sister. I hope we will have the same much fun and pleasure.