Management and cultural diversity

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Cultural attitudes

Managing multinationals

You and your culture


1 Cultural attitudes

Multinational companies can attempt:

To use similar management methods in foreign subsidairies

To adapt thier methods to the local culture


Advantages of using similar management methods

You work in the same way as you did it yesterday.

To show your working way to all foreign countries

It is a chance to catch smb’s fancy to your culture


Disadvantages of using similar management methods

Your pruducts or services can be unacceptable to foreign countries people

You might not have any profit


Advantages of adapting their meethods

Opportunity to begin to know another society from within

To become aware of similarities and differences

Satisfying experience.


Disadvantages of adapting their methods

It involves certain responsibilities

You can changed from excitement and interest in the new culture to depression and fear of unknown

The occasional discomfort and extra effort


2 Managing multinationals

Cultural divide:

North America and North – West Europe

Sourthen Europe and South America and Asia


North America and North – West Europe principles

Management is based on analysis, rationality, logic and system

Status has to be achieved

The principle of pay-for-performance offter successfully motivates salespeople

Matrix management



Sourthen Europe and South America principles

Management is based on personal relations, intuition, emotion, sensitivity

Status is automatically accorded to the boss

Promotions are expected to come with age and experience

Matrix management doesn’t work well



3 You and your cu


What parts of our life does culture influence?

How does it influence?


Parts of our life, which influence culture

Attitude to work

Behaviour at work


Body language

Attitude to work

Culture influence our:

Ourselves evaluation

Looking at work

Importance of work



corporate culture

Corporate culture is the collective behaviour of people using:

Common corporate vision, goals, shared values, beliefs, habits, working language, systems, and symbols.

So corporate culture encompasses moral, social, a

. . .

Going abroad

Know address of Lithuanian embassy;

Learn the main words of this language;

Know how get from airport to proper place;

Know the main things about culture, customs.

The main ideas

2 multinationals companies working ways:

adapt methods to the local culture

use similar methods in all subsidairies

Body language is important in management

Human behaviour can tell his/her naationality

Culture make influence to us and our work

Thank you for your attention


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