Tourism in Lithuania

What do you think can make the country special? The size of the state, large amount of luxurious skyscrapers or excellent economics? Not only this I think. Although there are no great forests, mountains or skyscrapers in Lithuania, the country’s beauty lies in the diversity of its landscape. More and more tourists come to see our gentle plains, rolling hills, quietly flowing rivers and bluish wonderful lakes. However, this year less neighboring countries have visited Lithuania, although more western people haave become interested in our culture, society and sightseeing.

What tourists usually come to explore in Lithuania? Firstly it’s capital – the largest city – Vilnius. People admire Gediminas Castle Museum – historical building where you can see not only historical armour, armers, but also to explore breathtaking view of Vilnius. More prehistoric sites and dungeons smelling of old times such as Vilnius Cathedral famous in its treasure; KGB Museum – the cells in the basement of the former KGB building, where thousands of Liithuanians were interrogated inviting the instruments of torture “help” before being deported to Siberia; Presidential Palace- Historically the Episcopal Palace had stood on the site since 14th century. You can also visit Europos Parkas (Museum of the center of Europe), TV

V Tower – Lithuania’s tallest building (326m).

Kaunas is the second largest city. The Old town will leave you the impressions not only of the marvelous sight of confluence of the Nemunas and the Neris but also the great architecture of the church of Vytautas, the Town Hall square, the Jesuit church, the Perkunas house and certainly the Cathedral. The Kaunas Castle ruins will make you feel like in the Middle Ages. The Pažaislis Monastery is about 20km from Kaunas, its stunning Baroque features and nature inimitable in it’s beauty can make you feel special.

Klaipėda – a historic seaport. Today Klaipėda is an ancient town and a modern city which is now interesting in it’s Theatre square, numerous old streets and buuildings, Mazvydas Sulpture Park, Marine time Museum and Aquarium. After Klaipėda we head towards the most beautiful Lithuania’s resorts – Nida and Palanga. A walk on the hill of Witches near Nida, amber coasts, the freshness of dunes enjoys a foreign tourists and a guests’ boom. Kretinga, the small city near Klaipėda is also well worth a visit. There you can find an exotic winter garden with an all year flourishing plants and nice water cascades.

Trakai, Rumšiškės, Šiauliai should be mentioned in
n the tourism of Lithuania. Trakai is the ancient city near Vilnius and it is the former capital of Grand Duchy. It is now famous for it’s 15th castle, which shows us the variety of the prehistoric findings. The marvel of Rumšiškės is the open- air museum full of 19th century architecture, crafts and culture. What makes Šiauliai special, however, is the Hill of Crosses, where over 50000 crosses stands as a shrine for many Catholics. The hill was visited by Pope John Paul II.

Lithuania is a small country in the center of Europe, but isn’t it impressive? There are many destinations to explore Lithuania. Perhaps to know better it’s full of meaning history or the wish to stunned by it’s amazing landscapes. No matter, simply when you see Lithuania in it’s beauty, you will understand that these nice words are not only nice words.

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