Living Well

There are two big problems in our life: people eating bad balanced food ar outher thei smoking.Health is the most important thing in a person’s life. Eating habits is a big part of a healthy life, so to keep yourself in a healthy way you have to eat only healthy and well-balanced food.In the first place, I should say that fruit and vegetables is the main component of food which you have to eat in order to stay healthy. It consist a wide range of vitamins, minerals and fibre which are essential for humans body. If a person does not eat fruit and vegetables, especially in winter when they are demanded mostly, he can catch vitamin deficiency. But the disadvantage is that fruit and vegetables have the highest prices when they are mostly demanded – in the winter. So a lot of people choose an alternative for this – they buy vitamins which are mostly synthetic. They think that it is a good choice, because it is cheaper than fruit and vegetables. But to my mind, it is a bad choice and people shouldn’t save money on fruit and vegetables, because when the health is lost, you can’t buy it anywhere for any sum of money.In the second place, I should say that nowadays it is very difficult to eat only healthy food. That is because now in a supermarket it is hard to find a product which has no artificial chemicals which are very unhealthy. In addition, I should say, that a genetically modified food is spreading around the world. The science went so far, that a human learnt how to change a genetical code of live organisms. And for example this gave a possibility to grow up a greatly bigger vegetables and chickens. But it is unnatural and people should avoid such food.

Moreover, I should say that fast food became very popular. It is a way how to eat fast and save money. But the disadvantage is that fast food isn’t nutritious and it contains no vitamins or minerals. People who eat such food are commonly overweight and complain of many diseases.In conclusion, I should say that saving money on your health is a bad thing. You should eat balanced and nutritious food like fruit, vegetables, berries, nuts and red meat, be on some good diet all year round and you will keep yourself in a healthy way. Nowadays more and more people in Lithuania, especially the youth, become addicted to bad habits: smoking, drugs, alcohol, and this problem is very serious because it causes a lot of damage. So I would like to express my opinion about two bad habits: smoking and drugs. First of all, I would like to speak about smoking. This is the most acceptable bad habit in Lithuania and many people can’t imagine their routine without cigarettes.There are several reasons why these people start smoking. Teenagers often smoke, because their parents smoke and they also want to try it. Another reason is that they don’t want to be different from their friends who smoke. What is more, advertisements have a big influence on people, because they just persuade to try smoking. This problem was bigger a few years ago, when cigarette advertisements were aloud. I think our government made a right decision, that they banned cigarette promotion. So I can say that smoking among teenagers is a matter of fashion and among adults is a way to relieve stress.Now I would like to say a few words about drug abuse. People usually try drugs, because they are curious about new senses. In the beginning it is believed that you can stop using drugs any time, but when you try them you become addicted to them and you just can’t stop using them. Only for a few years people feel pleasure taking a new dose, but after that only addiction remains and you want bigger and bigger doses. In fact, consequences are very cruel. First, you become week. Next, you catch diseases very quick. And final, this harmful habit can lead to the death.
To solve this problem our government and society should take some actions. Firstly, they should educate people about the harm of drug abuse. Secondly, strict punishments should be introduced for selling drugs. Finally, more rehabilitation centres should be built, so that addicts have a place where to give up this bad habit.