Living in the countryside

“Living in the countryside”The life in countryside has changed a lot. The nowadays life in the countryside is easier for the elder and more difficult for the younger people. Living in the countryside has its advantages and disadvantages.In my opinion, the main disadvantage of living in the countryside is that there are no conveniences, because a lot the people do not have the possibility to install them or it is very expensive. Another very important disadvantage is fewer schools, due to that illiteracy in the countryside is growing. The next very important disadvantage is any kind of communication; because of this many people are some like isolated from the real world.However, the living in the countryside has a lot of advantages too. Firstly, people who live in the countryside are healthier than the people from the city; therefore the advantages are fresh air, healthy food, because it has no preserves, its clean and fresh. Another great advantage is that there are fewer cars, for this reason there is less noise caused. Also it is more safer, due to this less crimes are committed. Furthermore, the people of the countryside can boast about the beautiful landscape, perfect traditions and their lifestyle, which attracts many of the people from the city.All things considered, I believe that living in the countryside could be very interesting after all. Of course, it would be great that the disadvantages had changed into the advantages.