The topic of my speech is education in Lithuania and Great Britain.
Firstly I would like to talk about differences and similarities in both
countries. Schools in Lithuania and in Great Britain aren’t the same. In
both countries children start kindergarten when they have about four years
old. There aren`t a lot of differences in kindergartens of both countries,
whereas in Britain kindergartens are more modern. Children start school at
the age of 7 or if they are bright pupil they start it at ag ge of 6. And so
is in both countries. Practically all schools in Lithuania are
comprehesive. It is the same in Britain, although there some independent
schools. There are some boarding schools in Britain, where children live
and sleep during the term. It isn`t very current thing in Lithuania.

The national Britain curriculum is the group of subjects that must
be taught in England and Wales. There is more different curriculum in
Lithuania. From eleventh form all subjects are biased in this case
sometimes it makes some troubles, you ha ave to choose only that subjects you
needed the most.

Exams are that thing which raises a fear for a lot of students. In
spite of this you cannot escape from them. There are only two exams in
Lithuania : maturity exam in 10th form an

nd exam for school-leavers in 12th
form. Whereas there are a lot of exams in Great Britain. Childrens take
exams at the age of 7, 10, 14 and 16. At the age of 16 pupils take GCSEs
(the General Sertificate of Secondary Education). Pupils who passed their
GCSEs may remain at school for another two years and take their “A”
(Advanced) level exams. Any students who wants to go to university needs to
pass at least two or three “A” levels. It looks like in lithuania, but
there is very hard to get good mark. But I think Lithuanian school system
is good enough.

In most of countries, students who finished school, go to
university. Lithuania`s universities require high level of students. If you
learning in good marks you haven`t to pay any fee, whereas if y you are
student who lag behind you have to pay any fee. In these days Lithuanian
government wants to pass one fee to everybody. Also students receive grants
from the government to pay for cource fee and food, accomodation and etc.
It`s the same in Great Britain, but there are no fees in universities. Very
good escape for student of both countries are loans, which they have to pay
back then they start work. Lithuania haven`t such universities like Great
Britain for example Oxford. So there are a
a lot of things in Lithuanian
education which have to be perfection. I think without education you`re

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