Life is a foreign language

Life is a foreign language

We have Gods gift language gift and we use it all the time. Our world is so unique, because there are a great deal of languages. It is great that we have so many foreign languages. We can learn them as many as possible, but we need a big wish and much time for. People who decide to learn foreign language they won’t be sorry and won’t loose anything. As people say: as more you will knnow that more you will have.

I will say a citation of XVI century Lithuanian public man: “Where, I say, is such a simple and despicable nation in the world, which wouldn’t have these three own and though innate things: grandparents’ lands, customs and language?”(M.Daukša). Language is one of those three things which country holds on. People must save, protect and not (?) let to disappear them, because in one way our life is our nation.

We all know that it is noot enough to have in your head only your own language. Today everybody knows that. As people say English is the most useful and important language. It is universally recognized. Of course other languages are the same important and the sa

ame needful.

Generally language means communication with people and surroundings. Earlier people needed only their own language and it was enough for them. However, in this decade, many things and the main society comprehension about languages had changed. That means that people and the requisitions connected with knowledge of languages had changed too. Today it is not enough to know your own language. You must know at length one other language. If you have good knowledge of, let’s say English language that means that you automatically have a preference to get a needful and well paid job. As you know, today job is very important. Language knowing is important not only for your work quality but also for other significant reasons.
As you know, languages are irreplaceable assistants in communication. Knowledge of other foreign languages is even more important in communication with other nationality people. It also helps a lot for people who prefer travelling and intercourse in foreign countries.

In my opinion knowledge of foreign languages gives self-confidence, an opportunity to have broad-minder and opportunity to express easily your minds not only for your countryman.

Foreign language in our lives truly means a lot and I think that this won’t change in
n upcoming century.

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