Can we lose our national identity when being a part of EU?

Can we lose our national identity when being a part of EU?

I’ll try to prove this fact with very ordinary and clear arguments.
1.Lithuanian money Litas. As an example-EU member-Greece. It had money national money Brahmos that was very old and was their historical heritage. But today brahma is changed into the euro –the EU currency. Litas with a long history and way till it came to our hands won’t be an exception. Money takes part in our life, so the ch

hange of national money automatically causes some aspects in the country, especially economics.
2.The second thing. We are seen as lagging behind country, so many people, especially the youth try to live and have a life as it is in the western countries. We are losing the national identity now and when we will be a part of Europe that is a part of EU we’ll have to refuse and lose some things to go to that higher level, I mean, to
o have a higher way of living. Just like it was in the times when we became Christians. We lost what we lost but now we have more than we could have with the paganism.
3.The third and not less important th
hing. When we will be a part won’t have any frontiers (sienos) with other members. The way out and in will be free.of course many people, especially students will leave our country to study, work, but there will come foreigners from other countries. Maybe they will come as tourists, from interest or other reasons, but it doesn’t matter because they are new people from different cultures, with different customs and they will mix up in our society. The point is that little buy little we’ll lose our national identity in this way.

In the end. We won’t lose the language, territory, but the national understanding will change and we’ll be a part of the Western life. We don’t have another way an

nd no one does, because we have to progress, to have new purposes. As our Mother Nature causes it that survives the strongest and the best. So it must be a price that we have to pay to have better life.

1. Lithuanian money.greece(brahma) money change aspects
2. Seen as a lagging behind country-refuse things to go to higher level.Christians.lost what lost, but now we have more than could
3. Won’t have any frontiers. In-out people with customs.mix up in society.Little by little lo

ose Iid in this way.
4. End.a aprt of western another way.progress,new purposes. Caused by mother nature-survives.the price to live a better life.