Letter about my new friends and neighbours

Dear Jenny,
Hi! How’re things? I just wanted to tell you how I’m feeling in London.
It’s amazing here! I swear you! Here I’ve met a lot of cool and interesting people. One of them is Mark. He is all in one: my friend, my neighbour and my classmate. We agree very well because we have a lot in common. He likes rock music, he hates books, he is playing with guitar and drums as I do. Mark lives in London from birth and he knows London very well, so he shows it round to me. Every day we spend together and we have a lot of fun.
Now I tell you about my favorite neighbours Lars and Lisa. They are old couple and they lives in front of me. They are so lovely and good for me. Every Sunday Lisa invites me to eat late breakfast with them. And little about my classmates. They all is very friendly and sweet. If I’ve got problems or I need help I really know that I can always trust any of them.
So bye for now because I got to go now. We with Mark are going to the shops. Write back soon and tell me your news.
Take care,