Legend about cones

Legend about cones

A cone, which we know are as old as a tree. When we saw the trees, we saw the cones too. Why the cones grow only on the trees, which have the needles? Which are not so young? Why the cones grow on the top of tree? Answer of this question is not very easy. I tell you a legend about the cones, how they came. and will ask the other question.so.

Once upon lived a very clever giirl. She had a very good heart and very nice hair. Her hair was black and very long. All people loved this girl, whose name was Kate. She liked the forest, the trees and the flowers best. She did not like to be at home. So, all the days Kate went to the forest. The girl loved the trees, which had the needles, because it was different: straight, green, soft or dull, long or short. Kate loved the smell of thhe trees, but angry her father didn’t like the forest, the smell of the trees, so, Kate couldn’t bring the branch of the fir or some needles at home. Kate was very sad. Her father said:

-My daughter is very sad. bu

ut why? I don’t know.

Other day Kate prayed:

-God, give me something. who smells like trees with the needles, who isn’t very big, something, God, please.Something that my father couldn’t take from me.

On Monday she went to the forest and saw. she saw the funny things on the top of the conifer.

-But what is it? I know.that will be the cones! Oh, yes, the cones. I will play with them.

The birds brought the cones for the girl and she was very happy, that she got so beautiful present. Her father didn’t like these cones too and said to his man, that they would help to destroy these stupid things. But cones were on the top of the tree, and nobody could taake them.Only birds and strong wind did this job.

So, and now some children play with cones how Kate played .

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