a fir

A fir is a very nice tree. But why this tree has the needles? Why? Why the colour of the fir is green? I think, I can answer to these easy questions. So.

Once upon lived a nice hedgehog. This good animal was a very stupid. Someone, who saw him, said: I have never seen so nice hedgehog, but he is so fool. He liked walking and looking at the sky at night. This animal was a very romantic. All hedgehog’s- giirls loved him. One day the hunters dug a very deep pit, and tomorrow these people had to back-fill the all litter. And one night a hedgehog walked outside and looked at the stars, the moon and the black sky. He didn’t see a deep pit and sinked there. The hunters didn’t see the hedgehog and his needles, and back-filled him with litter. A month later, a tree with the needles grew in this place. And the people said: This iss a hedgehog’s tree; this is a tree with the NEEDLES!!! A fir is green, because a hedgehog liked the green apples, the green grass and the other things very much, which were of green colour!!!

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