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(Application letter)
Padvarių km. 14,
Kretingos raj.,

6th June 2008

Managing Director
„HOPS“ organization,

Dear Mister, Thom Cruise

I was interested to your advertisement at the internet and taking the chance I would like to apply for this job. I am sure that I could fit all your job requirements.

I am eighteen-years-old girl. I am going to be doing my school exams and to leave the school this year. Every summer I have been working to my father’s farm. I am able to work in the fiields, to feed animals and to take care of them. I am very hard-working and I prefer working with animals.

I would be grateful if you could tell me what would be the wage. How many hours per day I would have to work and when I would have the days off? I should very much like the opportunity to work for your firm and I hope you will feel able to give me an interview. I may be reached att the above address or by telephone at 861477440.

Yours sincerely,




Name Ieva Letaraitė

Address Kretingos raj., Patvarių km. 14.

Telephone 861820113

Date of birth 12 May 1990

Nationality Lithuanian

Marital status Single


1987 to 1997 Marijonas Daujotas

Secondary school
2003 to 2008 LCC International University


2004 Diploma of Junior Achievement
2006 International “Toefl” certificate
2008 Diploma of LCC summer language institute
2007 October 16 Diploma of

f translation project

IT skills Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point,

Microsoft Office Publisher

Languages English, Russian

Driving licence B, B1


21 April 2008 to English Teacher in Lithuania
15 April 2009 Vytautas Didysis gymnasium

12 May 2009 to Interpreter of “Letra” company
24 September 2010


Hard-working, responsible,

able to work in a team,

communicative, fond of my work


Downhill skiing, traveling, reading


1. Ms. V. Paulienė


Vytautas Didysis gymnasium,
Karolas 15 street,

2. Mr. L. Tomulis
Managing director
“Letra” company
Kęstutis 9 street

June 2010

(A letter of complain)
Padvarių km. 14,
Kretingos raj.,

6th June 2008

The manager
Saulės g. 33,
Vilnius, Lithuania

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing about the jeans what I was subscribed in your published catalog. There were many kinds, sizes and colors jeans. I chose one of them, but when I got it they were different then I subscribed. Even I had to pay the charge of delivery.

I have tried to coontact with your staff on May the 3th and to solve this problem but I did not get any answer.

I think this problem is enough important for your firm’s prestige and you will not turn away and help me. I would like to hear your explanation for the above problems and I would also like to have all or part of my money refunded.

I sincerely hope you will be able to help me.

Yours sincerely,


Padvarių km. 14,
Kretingos raj.,

6th June 2008

Hotel “S

Kęstučio g. 65,
Vilnius, Lithuania

Dear Madam Ona Onaitytė,

We were interested of your hotel’s advertisement and cheap prices. So we would like to order several rooms for 2-10 of September, because the group of my friends is coming from Norway.

We would like to order 3 single rooms with half board, 2 double rooms with full board and 1 twin room with full board. We would like to have the rooms with fine view from the windows, comfortable beds and television.

We would be grateful if you could send us the list of prices and tell me what is included to that list. If it is possible could we look over the rooms? And could you please tell me maybe there are some discounts for children and pensioners? It would be very kind of you if you could provide me of this information.

Thank you for dallying of the time.

Yours truly,


Lapo parametrai:

Dešinė – 3cm

Kairė – 2cm

Apačia – 3cm

Viršus – 3cm

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