Dear Ben, Hello! I’m writing to tell you about my new flat. I finally found a flat and moved in last week. My new flat is large and comfortable. In the flat there is a spacious livingroom, a picturesque bedroom, a cosy kitchen and a small bathroom. I like this flat. My new flat is in a block of flats. There is a big park near the block of flats and there are a lot of restaurants, bars and shops. In the park is a long river and a big playground with various swings. Furthermore, I have very lively and friendly neighbours. I have chosen this flat because I can get a fine view from the window, an environment is not very noisy and the flat is cheap. This flat is very different from my previous living place. My former living place was very noisy, my neighbours were angry. Moreover, my former living place was dark and not very comfortable. So I like my new flat very much. That’s all my news. I would so love to see you in my new flat. I hope that you’ll come!

Love and all good wishes,John Smith