Mr. B. Manning, Laura PetronyteThe Editor, Taikos 21 VilniusMusic News, 4270 LithuaniaFleet Street,London WI 24th March

Dear MR Manning, I‘m writing to see if you can help me. My name‘s Laura Petronyte and I‘m a student at Salomejos Neries secondary School. I‘ve been studying English for four years and I‘ve got to write a projects in the Easter holidays. The project‘s about English rock bands and I‘ve got to write it in English I‘ve been trying to get information from the local library but they don‘t really have any. I‘m interested in young bands-people under nineteen years old. I know there are some in English but I don‘t know how many or where they are. Could you please send me some information about England rock music? I‘m sorry to put you to this trouble but I can‘t think of anyone else to write to. I‘ve tried several times to phone you but you weren‘t there. I hope you can help me.

Yours sincerely, Laura Petronyte