Interesting Jobs

Interesting Jobs

The fact is well-known that unemployment is the most important and threatening problem in the whole world. In addition to this I am able to add that unemployment in Lithuania is still growing. This fact illustrates that choosing the type of career is the most responsible decision in person’s life.

In case I have a possibility to choose computer programmer’s, lawyer’s or teacher’s profession, I am absolutely decided to choose teacher’s profession when I was in nineth form. There are ma

any reasons why I chose this profession. Firstly, I think that teacher’s profession is very creative, as you can take place with your students in interesting competitions, create original things and interesting ways to help your students to learn difficult lessons. Secondly, being a teacher means that you allways are in the centre of young people, and it makes you feel young and energetic. Thirdly, this kind of profession makes you to feel interested in the whole world and events, wh
hich are happening around us.And one more, but not the least thing why I chose teacher’s profession is that teacher is one of the most important people in human’s life. Teacher helps us to learn many important things, to get be
etter prepared for the future and to decide about some important things as future’s career.

In terms of skills and character, I must say that every profession needs different skills and character. If you are going to be a computer programmer, you have to be intelligent, in order to understand computer’s technology, hard-working, as it sometimes takes a long time to learn things about computers, and persitent, as computer programmer can not give up and allways must finish what he starts. Talking about skills, computer programmer must have habit of work with computer and foreign language habit. What about lawyer’s profession, I must say that he must be accurate, as he should not make mistakes in his work, should be fair an
nd give all the evidence equal consideration, as well intelligent, in order to understand all laws. As a matter of fact, lawyer must have laws understanding and foreign language habits. In case you are going to be a teacher, you need to be very patient, as students sometimes take a long time to learn things, friendly, even when you are talking with rude students, as well as creative, so that you can make students interested in yur lessons. As I kn
now, teacher must have foreign language and some other habits.

As I said earlier, when i was in nineth form, I decided to choose teacher’s profession. To be more specific, I decided to become an English language teacher, as I like English very much.

All in all, I must say that decision about future’s profession is very important.
On this decision depends our future and hapiness.