In a healthy body is a healthy soul

In a healthy body is a healthy soul

“In a healthy body is a healthy soul”, said greeks. And of course, look at their sculptures,

they look healthy and full of energy. But do we know what are the steps towards being a salutary person and why it is so important in nowadays?

We must dispose damaging habits if we want to live healthy. Firstly, smoking is harmful for us because it blemish for our lungs, brains and can be a cause of caancer. Otherwise, we should think about devious people, smokes are not good for them. Secondly, it is not advisable to drink too much alcohol. The snifter of champagne or wine only on celebrations are not very bad for livers and brains. Thirdly, a lot of people can not imagine their workdays without couple cups of coffee. But to drink tea instead of coffee is the better way to be frisky. Still we can not refuse drinking coffee, we should try too control caffeine intakes.

Every person, who thinks about health, ought to care about suitable nutrition also. Doctors suggest to eat fruits and vegetables as more as you can because they are essential origin of vitamins and minerals. However, it is no

ot enough of being wholesome and viable totally. Thus, meat is very important in our lives. On the other hand, we should avoid red meat and to replace it with fish or chicken which have proteins, carbohydrates, iron important for us. Moreover, the healthy person should know which way of food preparation is best. Fried meal is very delicious, but we should shirk this way. Healthy food, without cholesterol, is boiled in steam or grilled. Consequently, we should brood on fact that our stomach is not a trashcan where we fling everything.

More and more people starts going in for sports. Vigorious exercises, such as aerobics, basketball, swimming, model our body. Furthermore, they normalize our heart, brain, lung work and prrovide all the body with oxyden. So why going for a walks in fresh air, especially in the country, is so important . Naturally, exercises brings good sense, perfect mood and onslaught of energy.

Health is the most important thing in our lives and we should look after it. A person who is in good physical condition has the strength and energy to enjoy an active life and withstand the stresses and diseases of daily life.

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