If i had chance i would like to visit England…

If I had a chance I would like to visit England, because it is lovely country. There are a lot of famous buildings, squares and bridges. And especially there is a beautiful nature (mountainous hills, ocean, lakes).
I would like to, look around in London, because it is the heart of England. To see Trafalgar square (some people say that it is most beautiful place in the city), Big Ben’s clock, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey.
During my visit, I would like to know more about English culture. My dream would come true if I meet famous people there.
So if I ever went to England, I’ll take back home a bagpipe.
And To avoid culture shock during the stay in that country to my mind a person must be really clever, well read and everybody must be not poorly read in history so it takes the bun.

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