How to choose a pet

Many people want to have a pet, but there are many problems about looking after it. You must know how much will cost your pets upkeep and how to take care of it. Also all pets require special equipment, in fact it can cost a lot too. In add this equipment can occupy too much space. However, people having pets say that they are good companions; also they are beautiful and fascinating.

The most popular pets are those who don’t need anny special keeping. For example dogs. They are friendly, pretty, cute and clever. Some of them even participate in various contests, where they can show their strength, stamina and cleverness. Big and strong dogs can help to the policeman or rescuer workers in many operations. By the way dogs can help for blinds, it is great plus for them. In fact dogs are so popular because kids like them very much. They become biggest friends and can play log time; itt makes more free time to child’s parents. Also dog can protect your child very well.

But some of the pets are unpopular because of their difficult care. For example fishes. Some tropical fishes needs special food, this food cost a

lot. Also they need special water temperature, suitable environment (clean aquarium, well-chosen plants, etc.). It can make big problems for you and become not pleasure but headache.

In my opinion you must choose pet, which you like the most, but don’t forget to take care of it because your friendship can become impossible.

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