how strict or permissive parents should be

Relations in family depends family social, financial status, certain upbringing traditions, on how old are the children and how strict are the parents. Usually family relation problems begin, when children reaches the age of adolescence. There are two types of parenting styles, but actually there is no boundary how strict or permissive parents should be. Children, who are in authority of parents, are often afraid of them. Children usually are well mannered, responsible and can survive in reduced circumstances. They understand better dangers and other problems, as they are afraid to make a mistake and be punished. But on the other hand, they learn to hide their misbehaviour from Mom and Dad. For example, when a child gets a failing grade on at school, he will hide the notebook to avoid punishment. Soon he realizes that he can break the rules as long as he doesn_t get caught.In contrast to authoritarian parents, permissive parents have few rules and no consistent limits. Permissive parents say things like “He_ll go to bed when he is tired.” And “She likes to eat cake for breakfast.” Children who grow up with permissive parents are used to doing whatever they want, they have trouble getting along with others. Children might get into trouble or be involved into mischief, also they more often can start taking drugs, or go into dreadful extremes. They are spoiled and selfish. A mix of both above mentioned parenting styles is democratic. Democratic parents have simple and reasonable rules. Parents spend time discussing with their children the reasons for those rules and punishments. These kids become independent and responsible. I believe that I had democratic parents. I also used to have troubles with them. But now, I realize that they wanted just good for me. As I had to come home till twelve, I used to be angry with them, but they were just trying to prevent me from dangers. To my mind, every parent tries to do the best for their child, and no matter if they are strict or permissive they all want just the best. A piece of advice that I often receive is as long as you do your best. This refers to success in everything from school to careers.