Stress is part of our every day life. It is the body_s reaction to an event, which could be caused by disability to do something, bad news, and usual disagreements in family work or learning institution. There are two main types of stresses: mental and psychical. You may feel psychical stress when you are in lack of time, always hurrying and late. Physical stress has advantages and disadvantages. From positive side of psychical stress I could except that it gives adrenaline, which helps to concentrate and do things better, but at the same time to much of adrenaline can lead to high blood pressure, sleepless nights, illnesses and even heart attack.You may feel mental stress, when you are worried about certain things. For example most of the school leavers feel pressure and stress for oncoming exams. I usually feel stress cause I am always in a hurry and sometimes do not do everything on due time. I have so much to learn, but the time is flying so fast, that I am in panic that I won’t be well prepared for exams. Too much of mental stress can cause headaches, illnesses and distrust by own capabilities.Each person has his own way of coping with stress. Some ignore their problems while others face them head on.So how do I cope with stress? I have some ways to cope my stress. The first one is to go sporting. All the bad energy could be wasted in a gym. Actually sometimes I achieve good results while I am stressful. Another method of coping stress is going to the crowd, not being alone. When you are in the ambience of friends, you do not have time to think about the stressful things.