House warming party

House-Warming Party

Recently we moved into big and gorgeous house. So I and my wife, we decided to mark this occasion and we organized a house-warming party.We invited 35 people to have a good time. My wife started preparations a week before the party took part, as she was cooking food at her mother, because our owen wasn’t still brought to our new house, I was decorating drawing-room with colorful balloons. Moreover I had to borrow few tables because we haven’t got enough. Furthermore during the party I had to play music.So the special evening came and all the company gathered in our new house. Soft music was playing while guests tasted home-made food. Later on I put on some POP music and we danced till early morning. So we had a great time with our friends and relatives. There were some problems: we forgot about the glasses and some of the guests had to drink champagne from paper glasses, moreover we had some problems with chairs, but it was just a small problem.After the party my wife said that she had a great time and now she feels very happy in this new and big our house.