home schooling vs. public

When Lithuanians think of education, they almost automatically think of public education. Through the last years it is slowly changing. Some parents today are deciding to home school their children but most people think that a public education is better, anyway statistics and facts tend to show that home schooling is beneficial in more ways. Violence is one of the main factors effecting are schools today. A juvenile commits one out of every five rapes that occur in Lithuania. There is also a higher use of drugs and alcohol among kids in public schools, there is no possibility to choose the teacher if you don’t like his teaching methods. The disciplinary problems of children usually start even before they reach public school. If you keep your child at home from the start, you will be able to discipline and raise your children with the right morals. Because so much time is spend trying to clean up and keep schools safe, we are more or less falling behind in our education..
The idea of home schooling started many years ago, for many people this was the only option, because not all could go to schools and learn what they want, also the schools were too far away for them to attend. Some of the main factors parents find from home schooling are: the children often become more independent and more responsible with their behavior, the influence of peer pressure is reduced, vacations and trips can be planned at the families convenience, families can spend more time together. Home schooling should be basic point for learning with modern technologies in the future, such as computer where you don’t have listen to the teacher. These factors and many more, are why parents of today_s society are beginning to choose this method. Yet, research in USA does show that home schooled children are equal, if not better than, those students in public school environment are. Almost all reports have shown that home schooled students score above average on standard achievement tests. This could be because children have more one-on-one experience. Children that are taught at home tend to have stronger relationships with his or her family. This is because first, the children only usually spend, on the average, two to three hours per day receiving instructions. The typical student at a public school spends 360 hours (more than two hours a day) in activities such as lunch, recess, and class changing. Many people are concerned about the social factor of home schooled children. It_s a common belief that home schooled children will not develop the proper social skills to enable them to interact with others later in life. Social skills are no longer a problem for home schooled children. The idea of public education has been debated in other countries for years. Students are being faced with so much violence and crime in today_s public school system that parents are forced to find a suitable alternative. In the past few years, home schooling has had a tremendous rise and has proved to be very successful in providing effective education. Home schooling is just an option that parents have to get their children away from corrupted public education system.