Ho many people have pets?

How many people have pets?

A survey conducted in this school shows that – contrary to internet survey results – most of our students don’t have pets.

We asked 100 students about their pets and here are our findings:

•3 girls just can’t stand animals.

•The most popular pets are dogs and cats.

•Parrots are more popular with girls than with boys.
•One student even has a snake.
Internet survey showed that more than a half of questioned people have pets. And our survey showed that only 30% of students have pets annd only 10% wants to have pet in the future. Cats are more common with girls than boys and even 60% of students don’t have pets.

At present only 5% of students have more than one pet and only three students have two dogs.

Although many people like pets but in our school only a little part of students have them.

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