health and body care

Health and Body care

Good health is better than the best medicine, and if your health is good, you are always in a good mood. You have “A sound mind in a sound body” as the old Latin saying goes. Taking medicines is not a pleasant thing, and if you want to avoid it you should do exercise in order to keep yourself fit. Physical exercise is necessary and very important. Doctors say, if a person doesn’t take exercise he ca

an easily catch an illness. If you do daily exercises you feel refreshed and fit.

There is nothing more unpleasant than being taken ill when you are away from home. If that happens to you, go and see a doctor or send for him at once; he will come and feel your pulse, take your temperature, sound your lungs, and examine you thoroughly. He will prescribe a diet for you and tell you what to eat and what not, he will gi

ive you a prescription that you can get made up at a chemist’s.

A month ago our granny complained that something was wrong with her. She said she had a pain in her stomach and that she suffered from bad headaches. As

s she was getting worse and worse I sent for a doctor. Immediately she was taken to hospital. She was operated on her appendix and now she feels much better.

Have you ever had to stay in bed for a long time? I have. Last winter there was an outbreak of flu and I felt ill with flu too. On the first day I had an awful headache and my joints all started aching. After a day or so I started sneezing and coughing and I had a runny nose – just like a cold. My throat was getting sore. That night my headache got worse and I had a night temperature so next morning I stayed in bed and sent for my

y doctor. He examined me thoroughly and gave me some medicine. I had to take it four times a day before meals. I stayed in bed for some four or five days. It wasn’t so bad because my friends came to see me.