Happiness is a State of Mind

Happiness cannot be described or delivered in language. It is a rather subjective feeling. You don’t have to make great efforts to reach it. It can be felt everywhere. If you feel you are happy – you are happy. There is no standard in respect of material wealth or mental satisfaction. It can be very simple. I think happiness is not something every elusive. It is not something like if I had a lot of money, I would be happy, If I get rid of my nasty boss, I would be happy. Even when we reach those goals, eventually, it is still not enough, we still want more. If we fall in that trap, we can never attain genuine happiness. In my opinion, happiness comes when you feel happy with what you have, what you are at the moment, not in the future. That doesn’t mean we should be self-complacent. One should have dreams and try to fulfil them but at the same time he should know how to enjoy every single moment of his present life.I think the meaning of happiness comes from life. When we try to find happiness, it means we miss something an essential, we take several ways to realise our aim. But no one could be happy by trying to find happiness it comes by it’s self. Sure, happiness only comes to those who can see or know how to see it.