Cimes and punishments

Crimes and punishments, identifying criminals

Crime situation in the world is getting harder to control. We all know that these days it’s very hard for people to find a good job. So they start to steal. They steal in order to get some money, and to live from that: to pay bills, taxes and buy food, or just to have fun. The world is developing, so the crimes don’t stand back. Many burglars these days are really smart, sometimes they turn off all house alarms and set signalisations off. They break in a house illegally in order to steal something valuable. Sometimes they are unnoticeable, but sometimes they can be caught by police, arrested and sentenced. The judge can’t give a harsh sentence of burglary, because it’s not very particularly serious offence. More serious crimes are murder, manslaughter, robbery, kidnapping and mugging. If you are the witness of the murder and the police arrested the suspected murderers, you may take a part in an identity parade. If you recognise the real murderer, he might be sentenced to prison or even he can get a death penalty. A crime of taking somebody away by force and demanding a ransom for their return is kidnapping. I think it’s quite serious crime and confessed kidnapper should get a really hard punishment like community service. Well, I hope crimes population will decrease and criminals will alter someday, but if they not, judges will give them right punishments.