As far as I know, peole have always drawn and painted on the walls. Prehistoric paintings appeared in caves thousands of years ago. Our ancestors made the begining of art. Now there are so many kinds of art,that I don`t know all of them. I can say some facts only about one-graffiti. This aerosol art takes a number of forms. It`s youth culture. Graffiti art began in America and became popular in almost all the world. Aerosol art has existed since the 1970. It`s influences come from pop culture, especially music and cartoons. Happiness or sadness, frustration or realief. Young people express their feeling in graffiti. It can be an invidual mark, often just the initials of the artist, or something much larger, like a mural. Each artist has his own “tag” or signature. But graffiti can`t leave some peole cold. Graffiti has been a problem for them since aerosol appeared. It is cleaned as soon, as possible. Needless to say that sometimes graffiti artists go too far. They cover the walls of State institutions with graffiti during the night. That is really bad. As a rule police is cathing them. How do you think, are graffiti artists vandals? Maybe, but some of them is so creative that art gelleries have begun to buy their paintings and the artists have become famous. As you know, there is no accounting for taste, but graffiti is my cup of tea. It`s an art form, that is very close to the hearts of the young. Graffiti art is great!