fears and phobias

Fears and phobias. Stagefright

From time to time we are afraid of something. Almost all of us have fears frights or phobias. Like big hippopotamus who went yellow when he heard word „vaccine“. Some are afraid of insects, some of heighs or enclose spaces, some of exams and some of dantists. I would like to talk about one more fright. It‘s stagefright. Even most experienced performers suffer from this fright. Sometimes it can be so extreme thet it almost completely paralyses the person concerned.they stand in the wings, their heart beating at a rate of 130 or 135 a minute and often seriously think about not going on. What is more Some even find it impossible to remember the performance at all after it is over. Others genuinely believe they have completely forgotten all their lines or one in particular. Most feel ill. As a matter of fact they sweat and shiver and their stomachs make strange noises. Considering the agonies thet even such as well-known actors dustin hofman or robert deniro go trough, it is suprising that less experienced performers ever have courage to walk on the stage at all. So next time you are feeling nervous before a job interview or an oral examination, remmeber you are in good company. The worlds top performers know exactly how you feel. They should. They often feel a lot worse. So don‘t be afraid, be cool as ccucumber, and you‘ll be lucky!