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Week 2 01/10 distract, fundamental
Journal# 2 Good student
It is hard to be a good student. Smart people may achieve goals easily in high school. But being clever is not enough to succeed in college. There are two fundamental steps to become a good student in college and those who will not follow them will become dropouts rather than success.

First of all, students should attend classes faithfully. Professors usually cover course material in class. Those who would listen carefully and not get distracted by dooing other things will memorize a lot of information. Professors are also giving a lot of additional information which students may not find in any textbook but will be required on exams. Moreover, it is important to be in class because professors are specifying test due dates and giving other important information. To conclude, it is important to attend class because professors will cheerfully help students if they have problems and answer their questions, which will save students time.

Another significant keey to becoming a good student is to take a lot of notes. Students may forget information heard in class or read in books, but if they were taking appropriate notes it would make it easier to refresh their memory by

y taking a cursory look at their notes. It also helps to prepare for exams. Students may have not enough time to read all textbook materials and other additional information required, but adequate notes will revive their memory and help them to prepare for exams.

In summary, there are several essential steps students should follow to succeed in college. Those who will not follow them may become good college students in name only.

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