global worming

Global worming

Global worming is one of the main problem effecting the world and our environment. It is very important to understand how green house effects functions. The suns energy is obsorbed by the Earth, but some heat radiates back into space. Then gasses in the atmosphere effect some heat back to the Earth’s surface. Then green house gassesbiult up in the atmosphere trape more of the heat radiat from the Earth’s surface. The result in rise in temperature. Actually, green house effect is caused by increase of carbon dioxide. It is known, that global worming leads to climate changes. Scientists say, that amount of carbon dioxide will double, so the temperature will ride about two degrees. This process is very dangerous, because glacier in the Polar regions start melting, oceans became warmer, so ecosistem is trolled. Some organisms extinct. Green house effect will effect people life too. A lot of people loose their living places.