Global warming

Global warming

Global warming is a big problem in nowadays world. It caused by an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This phenomenon lead to significiant changes in the Earth’s climate. I want to explain greenhouse effect. The Earth gets heat from the sun. Most of sun’s energy absorbed [abz’obd] by the Earth, but some heat radiates back to space. Certain gases in the atmosphere reflect part of this heat back to the Earth’s surface. The result is s an overall rise in temperature.

Global warming causes a lot of consequences: temperature is rising, lands are flooding, forests are burning and so on. All These problems are very sagnificiant, but governments don’t care these changes.

Most experts now agree that in the next 50 years temperature worldwide will rise by 2 celsius. When living creatures breathe out and when things are burned, carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere. Today we are burning more and more fossil fuels, like oil, gas or coal. These fu uels drop a lot of harmful wastes. Recently all of this was absorbed by trees and plants, which converted it back into oxygen, but the balance of nature has been disturbed.

As the temperature rises, the amount of water vapour in to

o the air will increase and this too will absorb more of the Earth’s heat. The water in the oceans also will become warmer. Due to that, the polar icecaps will start to melt and the oceans will expand as more snow and ice melts. So the level of the sea will get rise. This will affect many low-lying areas of world – millions of people today live less than one metre above sea level.

Some areas may actually benefit: the higher temperatures may allow a longer growing season. But many areas may suffer: hotter summers, decreased rainfall, a lot of people starve, because they don’t have enought water.

How to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? People should use le ess fossil fuels. This sources of energy could exchange alternative sources, like wind power, solar energy, synthetic fuels or water energy. We should keep our atmosphere because it is a very significiant thing in our life.

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