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Friends or family, which is more important

0x01 graphicFriends or family, which is more important?

Nowadays often debated theme is the choice between a family and friends. For me a family is more important than friends. There are some thoughts about this lemma.Firstly, I think that a family is more important than friends, because when you are born you fall into a family not into your friends’ circle. First people with whom you get acquainted after your birth areyour family members. With no-one else, but just with your family help, you get known the world.Secondly, when we are teenagers for us it looks like that our family members are our enemies. We try to run from our family to our friends, but if it happens a really big problem, we come back to our family, because family is our most immediate and precious people. In our hearts we know that if nobody helps us, we can always rely on our family.But if we look at the another side of the coin, we can see that sometimes there are such problems in a family that parents can’t take care of their own children. In such situation we can trust just for our friends help, because family can’t help us.Finally, I think that not just family members have to help us. Sometimes we must help our family. Maybe then we will be able to say that our choice is family.In conclusion, I can say that we should never forget our nearest realatives. We should never forget and abandon our family.