All countries has very different, and sometimes very similar freedom. I will compare Lithuania and United Kingdom freedom of children. Some freedom In UK is similar, for example: in UK children can leave the school of age 16, of age 18 they can vote, be dealt with adult criminal courts, open a bank account without a parent’s signature and some others. United Kingdom children has freedom, like buying a pet of age 12, they can go to the pub but not buy ar drrink alcohol there of age 14. In lithuania no such liberty. Children can go ant buy pets, go to the pub, with no age limits. But they can’t drink here. They also can drive most vehicles, buy a hire any firearm and ammunition, but lithuanian childrens can’t do that. If I had opportunity to chose county i want to live, i would chose Lithuania, because I like there, and no matter which freedom is better in United Kingdom.

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