Free time

There are a lot of things which I enjoy doing during my free time. I am fond of watching TV. I can’t imagine our life without television. I can watch what is going on in our country and abroad, see films, concerts, competitions sitting comfortably on the sofa. I am a great sports fan, so I can sit for hours in front of the TV screen until a match or a competition is over.
In summer I like to go too the country or to the seaside. I like to swim in the sea, to lie on the beach and sunbathe. In the evening I enjoy walking along the seashore breathing the fresh sea air and admiring the beautiful view. I like to spend the middle of the day when it is very hot in the park or in the forest with my friends.
I like to go to the forest with my parents too. We usually make a fire when itt is cold or if it is warm we like to walk among high trees, listen to bird’s songs and to pick up flowers. After some hours spent in the fresh air we have a meal. I like to pick up

p mushrooms in the forest.
They say that going in for sport does people a lot of good and besides it is a real pleasure for me to play different sport games such as badminton, tennis, volleyball or basketball. I enjoy playing these games out of doors on summer evening, when it is not so hot outside I prefer basketball most of all and usually go to the playground near my house where I can play with my friends and forget about all my troubles and problems.
If I am tired or the weather is bad I like to have a rest working with the computer. Some people can find silly to play computer games, but there are games which can make evven wise man to think very hard. I prefer games which make me think. Most of such games are in English so I can also practice my English while reading notes for games and texts.
I don’t think that it matters a lot how you like to spend your free time. Let it enjoy you. Everyone must choose what to do in his free time either to have a rest after a hard day or to try to know something interesting an
nd useful.

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