English about sports

Sport in our life is very important and necessary. People get addicted to exercises and sports for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is that people wants to look nice and to have a slim figure. If you go to the sport club you can see there a lot of people. I believe in exercising because it builds muscles, and makes your body stronger, and beautiful. Another reason is that sport is healthy. In Lithuania many people want too be healthy and fit, so they get addicted to sports and exercises. Eating healthy foods is also necessary for our health, because if you eat and drink anything you like, you will not fit and I don’t think that you will look nice. People, who don’t concern about their health, can do anything they like. More and more men and women of various ages are joining gyms and fitness clubs. In my life sports doesn’t play very important role, buut I don’t forget it. In our schools there is no possibility to do exercises what you want, there you can only play basketball or football normally. I think that physical education lessons are necessary because some of the schoolchildren do

on’t do any exercises and don’t get addicted to sports.

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