Free time, entertainment

To my mind entertainment is very important in our life. We are very busy every day & we need to have a rest, to relax almost every person with any spare time has a hobby, & it’s almost impossible to guess from his appearance his personal interest. I can’t say I have a hobby. I like to do many things, but I can’t call them hobby. One of my favourite thing is travelling during holidays and on weekends. I like to visit the places where I can see how people lived in the past, old buildings, castles. Secondly, I’m interested in sport too. I always try to get chance to play basketball somewhere, because it’s pleasure for me. I think I will run jogtrot to the forest since summer. It’s award freshness & wellness.Thirdly, I like listen to the radio. My favourite radio station is “M-1”. In my opinion this station is for people of all ages, interests & tastes. I like different kind of music. TV is popular in my life too. I like to watch TV in the evenings. Entertainment programs are my favourite. I like: “Kas laimės milijoną”, “Dviračio žinios”, “Šeši nuliai – milijonas”. Very often I watch films too. I go to the cinema rarel, because today we can see a lot of interesting films at home. Today cinema attendances fall because many people have video recorders at home and CD-Rom at her computers. But I like to go to the theatre because it helps me to get back my energy. It’s one of the ways of getting out of depression. In my opinion entertainment makes our life more beautiful.