Food and drink

These pictures are talking about food and drink, things, without whose nobody can live.Without doubt anything food, junk or healthy, gives us the energy and there are no importance where we are eating. In my opinion service is alike pleasant in the snack bars and in the restaurans, because the visitors number depends from it. Also they both are guide by rule that customer is always right.But there are many differences between snack bar and restauran, too. First of all, waiters and waitresses of the restauran wear much more pedantic clothes than these who work in the snack-bar. Besides, when we go to the restauran we put on nice clothes, too. We feel happy eating out, because we can enjoy tasty food, intimate atmosphere and pleasant music. While eating in the snack bar doesn‘t pleasure so much, because mostly in the snack bar we are eaiting in our lunch-hour and we must to be in a hurry. So if you just want to eat quickly you should choose eating in the snack-bar, however if you want have a good time it would be a good idea to have a dinner at the restauran.