Application for scholarship


I would like to apply for a scholarship which I heard your are offering. I am twenty-two years old. I was born in Lithuania, but my family moved to England when I was fifteen and I have been living here ever since. I left school five years ago and I graduated from university and get a Bachelor of Arts a year ago. I speak English quite fluent and I have been learning Russian at school, so I speak some Russian too.For the past two months I have been working in a secondary school as a substitute English teacher. The headmaster has said he is willing to give me a reference. Now I have no job, because all employers want that I would have a certificate of English courses. I do not have enough money for this, because I have not any income. I want to make my English perfect and I am interested in being involved in the training of other English teachers.I would be very grateful if you would consider my application for this scholarship.