Festivals in lithuania

Each country has it’s own traditions and customs. Some of them are the same in many countries.
About ten years ago, Lithuania had many celebrations, which came from Russia, but now Lithuanians celebrate New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas and some other. What do Lithuanians do at these special times?
Let’s begin with the New Year’s Day. At this day people meet with their friends, congratulate them with the New Year. At midnight many people go to the main Christmas tree inn their city. People make promises for the New Year: “I don’t want to smoke anymore, I don’t want to drink, I don’t want to be so sad, etc.”
Few years ago people in Lithuania began to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. I think this tradition came with young people from their friends in foreign countries. On this day teenagers write cards with hearts on them and send to their boyfriends and girlfriends, or to person they admire. Adults buy presents, sweets foor their partners. Some people don’t sign their cards because they want their name to be a secret.
On the sixteenth of February we celebrate the Independence Day. On that day people put up flags. Every town and city has parades, ga

ame and sports with prizes.
On the first of April we celebrate the Liar’s Day. On this day people play tricks on each other. So you have to watch and listen very carefully, because you maybe foul.
On the end of March or at the beginning of April Lithuanian people celebrate Easter. It’s a Christian holiday, so for many families Easter Sunday begins in the church. After that they go to friends, relatives to have dinner. Children have to go to their gag-mothers and get beautiful collared eggs. At this period children have holidays. At this day children play with eggs different games: they brake them into each other and watch which egg is stronger, then they role eggs and later fiind whose eggs were the strongest.
In the last Sunday of May we celebrate the Mother’s Day. It is the festival for the mothers. We have to congratulate mothers. Children gift presents, flowers, cards to them.

In the first month of summer Lithuanians celebrate St. John’s day. This day is for people who are named by names of Jonas and Janina. If there is John in the family so that family invites friends and relatives to celebrate their name day. This day is

s celebrated very nice in villages. People drink beer, dance and sing all nightlong. Young people jump over the burning fire. It is one of the most interesting celebrations.
The middle of autumn, the 1st of November is All Saint’s Day. People go to cemetery and burn candles on the graves. All the people are sad and concentrated.
And the last celebration in the year is Christmas. Before Christmas Day we have Christmas Eve. Families come together to have dinner. It is tradition to eat twelve meals. Before dinner the head of a family begins a prayer. Then family eats dinner, and plays some games, associated with lots.
Christmas Day is the most wonderful day in children’s life. At first children find presents from Santa Clause under their Christmas tree. People are happy and full of joy. Families go to friends, relatives to celebrate this day. Dinner food is not very special: the main meals are duck and apple pie.
All of us have our own favourite celebrations. Those celebrations are the main in Lithuania and they are celebrated very interesting, sometimes strange. Lithuanian traditions have their own history. Now young people begin to bring new celebrations from West.

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