famous childhood

• Famous childhood

• Child can not be able to act normally on demand but there is always exeptions such as Alex d luka, macauli kalkin and others
• It‘s good when child likes acting and does it for himselfto open his mind but it‘s very bad when he does it because his parents order him to do this because of money
• They got a lot of money and this can change their personalities forever. They start to think that their success will last forever and thhat they dont need to study and finish the university
• Most children will start to show off their fortune. And they bewcome rude with their friends who haven‘t got money or even with their parents.
• They loose their childhood and they just haven‘tenough time to do something funny with their friends, play some games or do a lot other activities which every child does.
• They are always amung older, grown up poeple end even their clothes changes from simple t-shirts and jeans to moore formal
• They dont worry about their future. They don‘t think what will happen to them when tastes change or when a new child will seem to be more appealing.
• And if it happens they becomes forgotten stars and that can have a

very big harm for their mentality.
• Their good ans soon career make them a lot of money but leave them sad and troubled teenagers. The same happened and with mocauli kalkin
• All in it‘s proper time//to make up for last time//a goog beggining makes a good endins//he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

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