Today our topic is about crimes. To start with I’ll talk about situation in our country. By all account i know that crime has been growing in Lithuania. A lot of young people are becoming involved in crime. If you look at the statistics, you will find that most of these criminals are school-leavers who cannot find jobs. If the leaders of our country would spend more money on developing job- training and job-placement programmes for our young people, I believe that crime would decrease dramatically. I know that Lithuania leads in committing suicide; many of our people are burglars, muggers, pickpockets, thieves, shoplifters, and robbers. On the other hand the number of kidnappers, hijackers, hackers or stalkers is really smaller and not in increase. Personally I support the return of death penalty for murderers, who kill innocent people. Apart from that lets talk about prevention of crimes. I’m convinced that the prevention is the key to success and that all of us must work together to prevent a crime. Not giving criminals the opportunity is the first step. Make your homes burglar- proof by always locking up, installing an alarm system and putting an identification numbers on your valuable items. You must report any suspicious behavior immediately. The other prevention is against murdering or mugging. The best prevention for such crimes is carrying pistols. To my mind people should be allowed to carry guns to protect themselves, but there is another problem. Many people say that the possession of a weapon just lead to more violence. In any case we do need to be more aware and have a systematic approach to crime prevention if we want to reduce the crime rate.