Every Student should take a gap year before going to university

All over the world every people will admit that learning is the most important thing for all people. Everyone knows that they will be ignorant without leaning.Futhermore, learning is very needful for getting a good job or profession.
Nowadays young people learn twelve years at school and then four or six years(some people study more) at university.In spite of these facts I would like to give some advices for students.

As you know, studying and learning take a lot of time , so I think that every clever student has to take a gap year before going to the university.
The first and the main reason is that everyone who finished the school needs to have a rest because the years of studying are very hard and require you to give a lot of endeavour, regard and energy.

The second,but not the less imporant reason is that young people need to run away from that routine they had when they learned at school because the ti ime of studying is also a very big routine .For example you must learn hard or to read many books which requires to give you much energy and time for them.

The last reason is very simple but I think the mo

ost attractive. You just need to travel around the world or just to be with your girlfriend. You just have to enjoy the life because you do not know when it will happen again or maybe it will happen when you will be old and you just do not want to have new impressions or get new advantages.

To finish with I want to say only few words.
If you want to have a incentive to study and to have enough energy for the new life at the university you have to take one year gap before going to university and just to have a rest because sometimes it is better than learning too much.Farewell.

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