Once my parents said that today’s young people live better than they did. But there are old people who say that their young days were better than the new generation’s. So it’s difficult to say who is right.
Firstly, we should to compare the life quality of two generations. Everybody agrees that the new generation is growing in more polluted environment then their parents did. Besides, the old generation ate better food, it was natural and without pesticides. Furthermore, the du ugs are a huge problem today, because it’s easy to get its today than thirty years ago. So our parents have grown in better conditions than the new generation does.
On the other hand, the old generation didn’t have the new technologies while today’s young people are growing with computers and mobile phones. Otherwise, our parents read more books and played more open-air games. Of course, the new technologies give many opportunities for young generation to improve themselves. But it’s unfair to o say that old generation had less opportunities of expressing themselves. Plus, both generations didn’t live in the war. It means that their life is/was perfect.
To sum up, it’s impossible to decide which generation’s life was/is better. To my mi

ind, the time to live is now, and it’s wrong to compare your life quality with other’s life. One thing is obvious, the world is more polluted today than it was before.

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